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The Love Hormone

Oxytocin, the cuddly, loving and gentle hormone but with a powerful set of attributes! We should not underestimate what this hormone can do and get up to. However oxytocin needs to be handled gently and quietly otherwise it shies away and can quickly be overtaken by its louder and prouder counterpart, Cortisol!In order for us to coax out Oxytocin we play to it's likes. Oxytocin loves low lighting; peaceful, calm surroundings; warmth and privacy; soothing voices/music and candles with pleasant scents. Loud, brightly lit and busy sources frighten oxytocin and up our cortisol levels to deal with a possible fight, flight or freeze response. Oxytocin disappears and Cortisol takes over upping our stress levels!

So if we learn how to become masters of upping our oxytocin, we also enjoy huge benefits in our health and lifestyle. Stress we feel in our day to day can be kept to lower levels helping our heart and brain functions, it helps induce sleep and relaxation leading to a clearer and better mind and body, the good feeling vibes support stronger friendships, sexual relationships are shown to become more intense and connected, and mothers and babies who create environments full of oxytocin, create deep connections. Some medics use artificial oxytocin to inject mothers to intensify uterine contractions and help births along, however this has been shown to be less effective than creating oxytocin naturally though environment friendly factors. Getting oxytocin flowing in breastfeeding not only relaxes the mother and enables her to think clearly and be less stressed, but it actually increases milk flow and production, keeping baby close and happy. So many benefits and positives to upping our connection to our friendly and sensitive love hormone!

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