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My partner can just be my Doula!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Doulas are often asked 'can my partner be my Doula?' The short answer is no, but the role of the partner and Doula, although greatly different, are of equal importance!

The partner is emotionally attached to you and knows you intimately. Your deep feelings and emotions and much of your history. The baby growing inside you, is a new life you will both be engaged in and the birth experience is yours as a couple. Your partner can provide you the most incredible comfort, in a way that a stranger just would not be capable of.

However the Doula offers the alternative. The Doula's primary concern during your pregnancy and transition to birth, is education and giving you the tools and knowledge to feel confident and able. The Doula is there to support the decisions you make and help these decisions to be met. When a Doula is with you, she brings the wisdom and experience of previous pregnancies and birth with her, she can physically support you and intuitvely feel her way in to what you might need to support you at that time in your journey.

Couple the roles together and you have a very powerful birth journey to travel along!

Partners provide comfort to you in a way that a stranger is just not able to.

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