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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Anya Blower and I live in Stuttgart, Southern Germany. I am both of English and German nationality and live with my husband, three children and two dogs. My own birth and breastfeeding journeys and my perspective as a mother, moved me to want and support women in their journeys of all things birth and breastfeeding. I was fortunate enough to study with the well renowned Kicki Hansard  becoming an accredited Doula, and to train with the fabulous lactation consultant, Anna Le Grange to qualify as a Mindful Breastfeeding consultant.

I felt many loop holes in support throughout my pregnancy and postnatal care. Many questions went unanswered, I lacked confidence in this new life process and at times it felt like it was totally removed from my hands.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are deeply profound changes in a woman's life, that shape and change her forever. In this momentous realignment in their lives, many women are alone with their fears, questions and birth stories. The notion they have entered a new phase in who they are, remains glossed over and life rolls on with the expectation the woman is, as before.



 'Birthing is the most profound invitation to sprituality a woman can have.'

Ibu Robin Lin


It can not be more vital that women are able to share and voice in this transformation, not only with a partner and friends, but with other mothers who can listen, understand and help them grow in strength in the inititiation of their next life stage.This is where the work of a Doula is fundamental in supporting women. To answer the questions and concerns raised by women, to help ease their minds, to support them mentally and physically throughout their birth, to guide in the preparation for feeding choices and the process of birth itself. With this in mind the Doula can work alongside the woman she supports to create a lifelong, positive sense of achievement and confidence in the female body's ability and ever increasing assurance into motherhood.. 

Mindful Breastfeeding Support

 This innovative and superb programme, has been created by Anna Le Grange, a leading lactation consultant with over 17 years of experience. It focuses on the natural connection between body and brain, the power of oxytocin and milk supply and creating relaxed breastfeeding!  


                 'What I discovered is that when parents have Mindfulness tools and a deep understanding of how important self-care is, that breastfeeding becomes a whole lot less overwhelming.' Anna le Grange


Breastfeeding is a natural process but it is a skill that needs lots of positive support so it can be learnt. When we discover we are pregnant, people spend much time on the preparation of the birth itself and the practicalities of a baby. However preparing antenatally for breastfeeding is overlooked in many classes and by many professionals. This, in my opinion is doing a disservice to women worldwide.  Unless we understand how breastfeeding works, the biology and mechanics of it and how baby responds, we may find our start into breastfeeding more daunting and intimidating. 

 I know in my first breastfeeding experience, breastfeeding had been very swiftly covered in antenatal classes and once my baby was born  the conflicting advice or lack of advice, left me feeling very alone and confused. I had no idea how to solve any problems I was having, I was told the 'latch looks good' by various caregivers and was convinced breastfeeding was obviously meant to be that painful! Unfortunately it was this culmination of poor knowledge and support, and lacking confidence in my own abilities, that led me to cutting my first breast-feeding experience short. 

The benefits of attending a Mindful Breastfeeding workshop arms you and your supportive partner if they would like to join (the more support behind a mother, the greater chance of a long and fruitful breastfeeding journey for her and baby), with knowledge on how breastfeeding functions, coupled with mindfulness to encourage relaxation and oxytocin flow between mother and baby. 


What we cover in our workshops

  • How the body is designed to breastfeed 

  • Newborn baby behavior

  • Feeding choices 

  • Positioning & attachment 

  • Neuroscience of skin to skin and hormone release 

  • Feeding frequency, weight gain, feeding patterns and cues

  • Troubleshooting

  • The mind & body connection

  • Relaxation techniques for pregnancy, feeding & early parenthood

  • Journalling & affirmations

  • Growing your confidence and belief in your own ability

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